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HOLIDAYS LENS – Holiday Russell, Executive Coach, Management Consultant, Photographer, and Thought Leader

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Are You Doing What You Want to Do?

It sounds so simple, yes? But, by far the most difficult question for you may be asking yourself what do you want to create? We get sucked into our devices and the daily grind and find that there are no answers there, only more of the same. The real answers come from inside you!  Work with me and you will find you exactly what you want.

Let’s have a free discovery call to get started!

In our discovery call, we will look at the four great questions everyone faces in their life:

Who are you?  Getting clear on this will lead you to…

What do you want?  But you can’t get there until you assess…

Where are you right now?  Then, you can finally answer the big one…

Where are you going?  Just one call will put your feet on the path to the rest of your life!

What is Ontology?

Ontology is the study of being. Through ontological coaching – beingness coaching – we work from the idea that all you need to achieve your goals is already inside of you. We just need to discover it.  As an ontological creativity coach, we are quite literally clearing a path within you to release your creative voice and vision into the world. The results are phenomenal, rewarding and sustainable, because they are produced by you and your wisdom, not by doing what someone else tells you to do.

The Community

You Are Not Alone! Welcome to the Creative Collective – people working together to explore what you’re up to creating.  You will be supported in these weekly gatherings where we discuss the space of possibility that each of us is, and how our unique creative processes work in that space to let your creative content flow.  Whether your field is photography, painting, sculpture, music, film, videography, woodworking, business or any other area where creativity is involved, we explore the role of being human and all that means to producing creative works.


Until you let go of how you’ve got it, you won’t get it. And once you get it, you lose it.

Holiday Russell

Enough Talk, Let’s Get Started on Your Dream Life.

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