A friend told me once, “You are not special!” Rather, she said, “You are unique.” If we are each a space of possibility through which creation emerges, the unique space that I am is formed in large part by my life experience as a business attorney, professional photographer, trainer, and coach, and a father, partner, and friend. Another friend said, “There is nothing more irrelevant than what I have to say about how you think and feel.” I have nothing to tell you, nothing to teach you. Instead, I’m here to listen deeply to what you have to say about what’s important to you, and in doing so create a space so big for you to explore yourself in that you can’t help but discover what you want and how you’ll get there,  just like others have done for me.

Since 1986

I’ve gone through four big phases that we all pass through – learning, building, growing and reaping. The next phase for me is sharing. I want to share with you my experience of what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s needed to achieve what you want to create in your life. It takes commitment, passion, useful practices and action, seemingly so simple yet a lot can come up to get in our way. People showed me how to work around those obstacles and jump over those hurdles, and now I want to show you. Your success is the next frontier of my life!

As An Ontological Coach,

I’m focused only on you, what you want, why it’s important to you, who you’re being to have it happen, and the practices and actions that you believe you need to take to achieve your goals. Then, when you’re clear, we will explore what obstacles are blocking the flow necessary to achieve those goals, and what supportive practices you can create to clear them away so that you can finally accomplish what you truly want.

My Promise

To You

Coaching is not forever.  My goal is to support you in your own learning so that you can develop your own processes and use them again on your own to create anew.   I am so confident that you will achieve your goals that I will refund your money if you don’t.*  You have nothing to lose!


You will clearly see your goals, what principles will support you in achieving them, and the path that will get you there through practicing committed action.


You will gain laser focus on the power of commitment in your life, and become committed to commitment itself as a powerful force of creation.


Achieving clarity and focus, you will produce the results you want in your life!

*Terms of service.   Fees paid will be refunded in my sole discretion, and conditioned on the client keeping all commitments, practicing all their practices, and otherwise doing what they say they are going to do.

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