What do you desire?

This is one of the two existential questions we all face as humans: what do you want? If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t plan how to get there! I’m not here to tell you what you should want, and ironically I want you take a break from doing what other people want long enough to find out what you want. I can’t wait to see what you decide to create!

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is having one person dedicated to you and whose only purpose is to support you in achieving what you want to create. It works, it really does! We all have blind spots and corners that we can’t see around. As your coach, I stand in your world, look around, and help you spot things and see around those corners to discover what’s needed or what’s holding you back.

Photography Coaching

This isn’t about telling you how to technically perform as an artist. This is about leaning into the question of what does your creative voice want to say? What is your vision? What does it mean to create? Is it “good” and what does that even mean? Maybe most powerfully, as a unique space of consciousness in the universe, its about what uniquely wants to emerge through you?


Business Coaching

Business leaders don’t just manufacture success from a formula. They are creatives in their own right, who have a knack for discovering what’s just ahead of the curve of what people want, and the answer to that lies in a domain that scares most people off – the unknown future. Yet, with the right coaching for you, you can discover what’s next  bring it forth into reality now! 


This may puzzle you, but I am no expert! I am a beginner at coaching and therein lies my immense power as your coach. An expert knows things, and once you know something, you’re closed to learning more. A beginner is like a child, looking at the world through fresh eyes, excited by everything, touching and testing everything, trying it all out and discovering what works. As a beginner, I am in discovery of you! And when we discover you in that space – looking at who you are and what you want through fresh eyes – I guarantee that you will see possibilities that you have not previously considered! That takes a powerful beginner’s mindset, and that’s what I bring to you.

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